This tea + incense sampler kit is apart of a bi monthly series, each of which will focus on unique teas and scents.


This kit has a Zoom workshop option for June 27th at 11am PT, the workshop is an additional $10 (sign up here!). The workshop will cover the history of incense and teas, process, and technique, as well as a tea mocktail demonstration!


Moonlight- Flower with Tea / Fujian China

A white tea with infused jasmine flower for a sweet + mellow flavor


Aurora- Flower Tea (Mocktail) / Thailand

A violet butterfly pea tea balanced with sweet simple syrup + citrus for a refreshing spring drink


Amber Rosa- Incense Paper

Deep, seductive amber fragrance with soft rose + myrrh


Cananga Garden- Incense Flower

Sweet ylang ylang scent with hints of nutmeg + sweetgrass


Plumeria Nectar- Incense Spiral

Blooming plumeria aroma balanced with palo santo + cardamom


5x incense papers, 4x incense flowers, 2x incense spirals, 2x cases of tea, white ash, ceramic cup, yakgwa, + zine


Case dimensions:

3.5" width

0.4" height


Box dimensions: 

4" width

6" length

4" height

Tea/Incense Sampler Kit (Two) + Workshop Option