This tea + incense sampler kit is apart of a series, each of which will focus on unique teas and scents.


Mugwort Tea- Herbal Tea / South Korea

Sweet + herbal mugwort with subtle notes of cinnamon and granola. 


Raisin Tree Fruit Tea- Herbal Tea / South Korea

Slightly nutty and sweet, with a hint of honey and raisin.


Flower Spice- Incense Cones

Soft orchids mingled with a spicy cardamom blend of frankincense and mellowed with musk and vetiver.


Black Currant- Incense Pellets

Black currants soaked in sweet korean rice wine, honey, and aged with mugwort, cinnamon, and ginseng.


4x incense cones, 10x incense pellets, 2x teas, white ash, 4x incense charcoals, 2x mica plates, 2x Korean candies + zine


Box dimensions: 

4" width

7" length

4" height

Tea/Incense Sampler Kit (Three)