This tea + incense sampler kit is the first in a series, each of which will focus on unique teas and scents.


Iron Goddess- Oolong Tea / Fujian China

Smooth + rich balanced with subtle floral notes


Narcissus- Oolong Tea / Fujian China

Slightly bitter + earthy with a mellow palate of orchids


Kiso Valley- Incense Cone

Light, airy hinoki scent with subtle herbal + minty aromas


Tabac Noir- Pressed Incense Leaf

Dark, seductive tobacco fragrance with fresh pine + sandalwood


Jasmin Flora- Incense Flower

Blooming jasmine aroma balanced with sweet grass + oak wood


2x incense cones, 3x pressed incense, 2x incense flowers, 2x tubes of tea, white ash, mica plate, 2x charcoal, yakgwa, + zine


Tea tube dimensions:

0.8" width

3.9" height


Incense tube dimensions:

0.8" width

1.5" height


Box dimensions: 

4" width

6" length

4" height

Tea/Incense Sampler Kit (One)