Limited Edition!

Handmade incense made from ethically sourced woods, herbs, resins, + oils. Due to the handmade nature of our incense, appearances may vary.




Pressed incense is not meant to be burned, but warmed with ash, charcoal + a mica plate. Place white ash in a small ceramic or brass bowl. Light an incense charcoal until it becomes half white. Bury the charcoal in the ash until covered but not too deep. Very lightly compress the ash with an ash press (or spoon) + poke a hole in the ash towards the charcoal. Carefully place the mica plate on top of the mound + the pressed incense leaf on the mica plate. Wait a few minutes and enjoy!


Dark and sweet, sipping on soft white tea engulfed in neroli in a hazy room. 


10x pressed incense, instructions, 4x incense charcoals, 1.5 oz white ash, + 2x mica plates

Makko, dark sandalwood, white joss, balsam fir, neroli oil, white tea oil, sandalwood oil 


Click here for a demo on how to warm incense pellets.


Box Dimensions:

3.75" width

4.75" length

2.55" height

Neroli Den Pressed Incense