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"Art history without a philosophy of history—'there is no script,' as Nesbit says—is also art history without a tragic dimension. With the pragmatists and, for that matter, with Deleuze, she shares a fundamental optimism and a forward- looking gaze. But like Focillon and Schapiro, Nesbit also has high aspirations for her discipline. She throws art history a lifeline." —Christopher Wood, Artforum 

The pragmatism of Charles Peirce and William James and John Dewey exists as it moved, absorbing and absorbed. Conclusions remain provisions, time riding on, perpetually unsettled, nocturnal, opaque. Many questions and conditions remain. They will recur. The future has not eased. In our own lifetime there have been stakes, some old, some new, in continuing to write about the time and place and point of art. It is important to mark them. Pragmatism is above all a way of working, it starts from t