Oolong tea by Kioh Park from Fujian, China. 

30g tin size comes with wooden scoop + instructions.



Slightly bitter + earthy with a mellow palate of orchids. 



100% Oolong tea leaf 

Origin: Fujian, China



1. Add 3-4g of tea into brewing vessel

2. Pour 350mL of boiling water (+200F), steep for 2 minutes

3. Strain tea + enjoy!

4. Repeat process 2-3 times, increasing infusion time by 30 seconds every additional steep


3g Sample Size 

(one serving- can be infused 2-3 times)

0.8" width

3.9" length


30g Tin Size

2.5" width

6" height

Kioh: Narcissus Oolong Tea