GF Reader 3 is a complication of 8 essays by GenderFail founder Be Oakley and trans poet and writer Noah LeBien. This publication is the 3rd in a series of essays and works that look at explore the subjects and essays that drive the GenderFail project. This is the first time all 8 essays have been published including Some Definitions Radical Softness as a Boundless Form of Resistance, Radical Accountability, Radical Transparency, Radical Action, The Evanston Township High School Prostitution Ring For Boys, Jon Carpenter's The Thing: Transness and Radical Politics, Darkroom Dom, Healing, Lyricism and Say Their Name Protest Font. The design for this 3rd GenderFail Reader is centered on GenderFail news protest font, Say Their Name Protest Font, also the last essay/project featured in the publication. This font is based on protest signs of black people killed by police in the united states, to honor each of these people murdered by state sanctioned violence.


Essays by Be Oakley

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GenderFail Reader Three

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