Handmade incense by HYUNGI made from ethically sourced woods, herbs, resins, + oils. Light the tip of the incense and place on a burner with white incense ash. Click here for a demo.

Due to the handmade nature of our incense, appearances may vary.




A rich mix of creamy fig, dry cedar wood, and sweet vanilla for pure olfactory decadence.


8x flower incense

Makko, red sandalwood, red cedar wood, fig oil, vanilla bean, sandalwood


Box dimensions:

3.4" length

3.4" width

1.6" height

Fig Custard Incense Flowers

  • Incense by HYUNGI

    Incense in Asia was commonly used for rituals + fragrance— a precursor to perfume. Other uses included measuring time, repelling insects, + as a preservative for medicine. 

    This handmade incense is crafted from ethically sourced + organic woods, herbs, resins + oils. Our studio is based in Los Angeles, CA where we also teach incense making workshops.