Written in the epic tradition, Amobi's debut novel Eroica is situated between history and myth. It is a tribute of one character who has made a mark on time to the entire cultural experience of a society. It derives all past, present, and future values of that society from this character thus rendering the epic source of identity serving to distinguish itself from others.

And of all the places in the world there is no place I would rather be...

The second edition of Eroica by Chino Amobi is published by Koenig Books on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition in March 2020 Luma Westbau Zurich, Switzerland.


About Chino Amobi:

Amobi’s hybrid and collaborative practice manifests itself in music, poetry, publishing, performance, video and visuals. While at art school Amobi produced music under the alias Diamond Black Hearted Boy (2009-2014), in 2015 he co-founded NON Worldwide, a record label, art project and social network. His works and albums under his own name include Airport Music for Black Folk (2016), PARADISO (2017) and Illuminazioni (2020).

Size: 6.1 x 1.5 x 9.1"
Pages: 600
Binding: Softcover

Chino Amobi: Eroica